Lazy Susan (Etching)

Product Description

Revolving Etched Glass Top Organiser popularly known as "Lazy Susan" is especially designed to make your dining experience more enjoyable.  Lazy Susan eliminates the need to pass the dishes around, place all your dishes on your revolving toughened glass and allow your Lazy Susan to pass them for you whilst you enjoy your favorite dishes.Bon Appétit

Product features

* Ready to use.  No Installation required.                                                     
* Available in a choice of etching glass designs and sizes.                                                                                                     
* Please follow our size chart to find the best size suited for your dining table.

Product Specs

* Glass Material: Toughened Glass                                                                    
* Revolving Mechanism: High Quality Break Resistant Plastic
* Glass Design: Clear with Etching
* Turntable Color: Dark Wood & Chrome
* Toughened Glass Thickness: 8 mm
* Product Height: 2 inches (5 cm)
* Glass Diameter: 18", 21", 24" and 30"